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Before / After

Day Spa

Grooming for Your Pet 

All Grooming is Priced By Breed

(call us for pricing 832-968-7054)

Premium Shampoo & Signature Cologne

Included in all Bath & Groom Packages

Bath Package

Includes nails (cut and buff), ears, glands

Full Groom Package

Includes bath, nails (cut & buff), ears, & haircut

Extra Treatments

Nail Cut & Grinding $12

Dental Brushing $12

Paw Pad Trimming $10

Ear Cleaning $8

Blueberry Facials $10

Pawdicures (Nail Polish) $11

Furminator $16

Flea & Tick Shampoo $7

Dematting $7 (15 min)

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